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Writing isn't just about the words on a page - it's also what's contained within each blank space. 

I want your business to be intuitively you.

Every word you choose and how you string them together matters. Your consultation call isn't just a checklist to see what your website needs. It's an opportunity for me to understand how your brand sounds, looks and feels - all by listening to the words you choose as you share your dream. 

Because if you're not being creatively you, what are you doing? 

What's my story?


Telling stories is more than a job or a hobby. It's a love. 


Harsh, demanding, ever-challenging, and always rewarding. 

When it came time for me to choose a carer path, writing was the only thing that made sense. 

I earned my B.A. in Creative Writing from Brandeis University. While a student, I worked as a student representative for my department and earned the opportunity to edit a resident author's book. 

Shortly after graduating I began working at a small local business. I wore every hat I could convince my manager to give me, and it wasn't long before I was running the marketing department under his supervision. 

Two years later I was recruited for a position at Yale University. I worked as an Email Analyst, testing and fixing HTML for alumni emails, before transferring to the QA Testing team. This is where I learned to love web design. 

Having a beautiful website isn't enough. It needs to be functional as well. 

These experiences led me to starting Creatively You. In 2017 I made my freelance passion my full time gig and never looked back. 

I've found my calling. Let me help you develop yours. 

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If you could bring your vision to life, what would your brand look and sound like? Whether this is your first website or a rebrand, we'll uncover your brand voice during our consultation call. The Web Design package includes freshly written content as well as an intuitive design for each page.





Website Audits are the perfect opportunity for the business owner that wants to DIY their site, but with some guidance. We'll go over your design, your content and how it all flows together. Our review calls are also a great time to ask any design or content questions you've had while designing your own website. 


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