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How To Tell Your Brand Story - Creatively You Guest Speaker on From Chaos To Peace Podcast

brand story intuitive content storytelling Nov 02, 2021


When writing your content and designing your brand story, it's so easy to fall into the trap of asking yourself, 'What does my audience need to know about me and my business?" Writing about yourself is one of the most difficult things to do. 

When you rephrase the question as "What do I want my client/customer to gain?" you immediately remove the pressure. This question is what will lead you towards creating intuitive content that your audience will connect with. 

One of the most common questions I get is 'What is intuitive content? What do you mean by that?' I love that Conny Graf, host of From Chaos To Peace, asked this question during our conversation. On this episode of her podcast, we talk about so many aspects of writing and designing for your brand story.

Here are some of the main points of interest and where you can find them within this episode:

  • The best way to start writing your intuitive brand content is to just start. But what does 'Just do it' mean to a writer? Tune in at the 8 minute mark to find out.
  • What is the benefit of writing poorly first? Fast forward to 00:9:19 for the answer. 
  • Find a more in depth explanation of what intuitive content means at 00:11:45. 
  • When hiring a web designer, social media content creator, etc., how do you choose who you'll work best with? Find answers at 0:13:25
  • Why are consultation calls so important? Gain insight at 00:15:40. 
  • The importance of understanding that your business is yours and the final decisions that you make on your content and design should absolutely reflect your vision. 00:16:35
  • How lessons I learned as a creative writer have helped me build the foundation of my business, and what it means to understand rules so you can break them. 00:17:30
  • How to find the balance between telling your story and making it about your ideal client. 00:19:20
  • Should you utilize "I" or "We" when writing your content? Does it even matter which you use? 00:21:25
  • Why it is crucial to work with those who understand your voice. 00:24:05
  • Gain a sneak peak into my process of getting to know my clients and truly understanding their voices and visions. 00:25:00
  • The benefit of working with someone who can both write your content and design the surrounding space. 00:27:00
  • How being multi-passionate can help your work. 00:29:00
  • Why writing is more analytical than you'd think. 00:29:55

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