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Why You Need Your Web Designer and Photographer To Communicate With Each Other 

brand development Nov 11, 2021

When designing a new website, one of the first things I ask my clients is: Do you have professional photos for your brand? 

Your website is a visual journey. Its main purpose is to lead your target audience through the process of understanding who you are as a brand, and how you can make their lives better in some way. 

Professional photos are key to effectively showcasing your voice and brand image. 

“Okay, we get it. But what difference does it make if our designer and photographer communicate?” 

The answer is: a huge difference. 

How It Makes Your Life Easier

Before working with your photographer, you need to have an understanding of:

  • Your preferred editing style/what editing styles work best for your brand 
  • What specific images are needed to assist in telling your brand story 
  • The file size and dimensions needed by your web designer

When added to your already busy to-do list, it can feel like a lot. This is why I partner with photographers like Michelle from Vision Balm. [view trusted partners here]

When Michelle and I work together, I’m able to give her a brief overview of what my client’s brand looks, sounds and feels like. I can give her insight to what color palettes feel intuitively right for that brand (which in turn helps her get to know your style), and tell her directly what specifics I need in order to make your web design dreams come true. 

I’m also able to walk you through what it means to set up a shot list from a web design perspective. This way when you consult with Michelle prior to your photoshoot, you already have an understanding of the process and can fully enjoy it - as you should! She’ll also already have an idea of what I need as your web designer, and will be able to better guide you towards that goal. 

What It Means For Your Brand Development

Working with a team that communicates AND collaborates can take your project and brand to the next level. Rather than trying to make all of the puzzle pieces somehow fit together, you’re able to create your vision of your brand in a smooth and efficient process. 

It also means that your photos are going to be oriented properly. One of the first conversations that Michelle and I have together when collaborating - outside of what your general brand vibe is - includes:

  • About how many images I need with negative space so I can lay text over them
  • Whether I need them centered, right or left oriented. 
  • What key elements we need featured in each image to best tell your brand story

Not having this information prior to a photoshoot can create a massive headache that results in either not having the right images for your website and needing to ‘make do’ (which is less than ideal) OR you have to redo your photoshoot which can cost more and delay the completion of your website design. 

How Do You Know If Your Website Designer and Photographer Are Right For You?

Look for the people who listen to what your vision is and then help take it to the next level. 

Your story is your brand. Michelle and I work well together because we both believe in helping our clients tell and show the world who they are as a business and a brand. Click here to get to know Michelle and her process as a brand photographer. 

If you've been nodding your head while reading this, contact us today to schedule your individual consultations! It’s time to make your brand shine. 



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